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About Lane Gibson

lane gibson - recording engineerEngineer, Lane Gibson, was a professional musician and vocalist for over 30 years. He was one of the co-founders as well as the keyboardist for "The Davis Bros. Garage Band," a rock group who enjoyed considerable success in New England and Colorado throughout the seventies and into the early eighties. One of his compositions, "Lookin' For the Money" landed them a record contract with Charisma Records in the U.K. After dissolving the Davis Bros. in 1982, Lane hooked up with local foavorites, "Downpour" and worked with them until he retired from the group in 2000. In the meantime, as a result of doing vocal jingle work at Charles Eller Studios in 1993, he reconnected with Chas who was realizing that the new studio was too busy for one operator, so he asked Lane to assist him with the engineering tasks. They have been going strong ever since and make up an extremely strong team. Gibson quotes, "It has been an amazing opportunity for me to work with incredible gear, an extremely talented engineer and musician, and a client list of genuinely, wonderful people, who I enjoy both musically and personally."