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Studio News

Dear friends,

We have some extremely exciting news that we want to tell you about and that you may have read about in the June “Music Issue” of Seven Days.

We have a new partner at Charles Eller Studios!! His name is Jacob Edgar and he recently left his position as the Vice-President of A&R for the highly successful world music label, Putumayo, to start his own record label at our Charlotte location. Jacob is the guy that picks the music on those excellent Putumayo compilations.

Jacob, his wife Deirdre, along with their two young daughters bought our house on Carpenter Road and Jacob plans to add another building to the property which will house his new record label, Cumbancha Records. This is particularly exciting for me because it not only means that the house is being passed along to someone who is going to expand the property to realize their own musical ambitions, but it means that Charles Eller Studios is able to continue to operate at the beautiful Carpenter Road location exactly as it has for the last 14 years. Having Jacob on board means that Lane and I are able to continue to work with you, our beloved clients, but with greater resources to provide you even more options and services than in the past. It is also exciting to think that with Jacob and his new label on the premises, our facility in the lovely countryside of Charlotte will now potentially become a destination for musicians from all around the world! It is both Jacob’s and my dream that our symbiotic businesses will allow for a cross pollination of international artists along with the many talented folks like yourselves that we are fortunate to work with.

I’m sure that over the last year or so many of you have heard rumors about us “getting out of the business” or “moving to Arizona.” Nothing could be further from the truth! At the same time that those rumors were circulating, we were busy at work making some great albums with many of you! In fact, the only changes that we have ever made at the studio are ones that involved expanding it, not shutting it down! This brings us to the next exciting news!

I have always thought that Vermont would be the perfect place if it wasn’t for the one or two lesser friendly winter months. As most of you New Englanders know, just keeping things going during February can feel like a full time job, leaving little time and energy for creative endeavors. Even though winter has always been a busy time at Charles Eller Studios, we are hoping to be able to offer a second choice to our clients in the near future.

Ava and I have recently purchased a wonderful property in a quaint fishing village on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, In the not too distant future we hope to offer “bed and breakfast” style accomodations to accompany a small project studio which will, of course, be outfitted with the usual state of the art equipment that we are known for. Come down to paradise, do some work in an incredibly affordable environment, and write the whole thing off! It is a little too soon to go into great detail, but feel free to visit our website for some enticing photos.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for taking the time to read this! Please help us spread the word!
We hope to see you soon!


Chuck Eller


Go here to see photos of the future home of Charles Eller Studios, Nayarit, Mexico.